Make Millions Bundle

In this bundle this is where rubber meets the road and you’ll be able to make more money as you leverage the assets built from the prior trainings.

Learn how to create market funnel and cash flow formulas for multiple streams of income. You have probably heard about multiple streams of income, but what you may not have learned is what you should be doing, when, and why. So many people make mistakes that cause them to go for months without seeing any money at all – especially in the beginning. I have cracked the code to fast cash and a structured build of your money magnets.

  • Get the Exact Business Strategy I Used to Create Multiple Streams of Income
  • How to Turn a Handful of Knowledge into a Million Dollar Empire
  • Discover How to Avoid a Pitfall that Make Many People Fail
  • Get the Secrets to Conducting a Webinar that Makes You Money
  • What to Do When Your 1:1 Coaching Time is Tapped Out
  • New Opportunities Where You can Sell High End Products Like Never Before
  • Uncover the Truth About Filling a Room at Your Own Event
  • How to Get Paid to Create Content You Can Sell
  • The Real Reason Why People Do Kindle
  • The Biggest Mistake that Most People Make When Creating Multiple Streams of Income

Get the step-by-step formula to make as much in a weekend as you do in a year.

Events can be the greatest income producer for your business, or can bankrupt it in a weekend. There is a right way to do your first event, future events, and you’ll learn what type of event is right for you so that you leave with a profit in your pockets, not another hard lesson learned.

  • Find Out the 3 Elements that Will Change Your Business Outcome to Instant 5 or 6 Figure Days
  • How to Have Fun, Make Money Doing What You Love, Help Others, and be an Superstar
  • Revealed: Secrets to Getting Started with Your Own Live Event
  • Discover the 3 Methods For Live Events That Can Bring Mega Bucks to Your Business
  • Be Able to Control the Overwhelm: Understand the Minimum You Need to Do
  • Get The Exact Steps You Need To Do To Hold a Cost Effective Money Making Event
  • What You can Negotiate With a Hotel to Reduce Cost
  • The Blueprint that Covers from Simple to Complex Ways to Make Money at Your Event
  • Save Your Sanity with these Golden Nuggets of What to Do During the Event
  • Why Your Work Doesn’t End When the Event is Over

Master Selling Your Products and Services with Sales Made Simple Techniques

Most people hate selling, but it is the lifeblood of your business so it’s something you must get over. I show you the fast and easy ways to not sell, but listen, connect and create an opportunity for them to get the help they need. It’s simple, elegant, and it works. I sell 5 figure programs every week using this method, and with practice, you can too.

  • The Mindset Moment that Will Make You Love Selling
  • Revealed: The Three Income Killers That Can Break You
  • Eye Opening Methods that Will Get You New Hot Sales Leads
  • How to Boost Your Money Making Opportunities
  • The Easy 21 Day Project That Will Revolutionize Your Productivity
  • The Acid Test that Determines if Your Product is Viable
  • Learn the Fundamental Sales Elements that Have Made Me Millions
  • The Number One Thing that Will Help You Sell Over the Phone
  • How Poor Presenters Can Make Massive Sales
  • The Most Important Thing You Need to Do When You Ask For the Sale