Reach Millions Bundle

In this bundle this is where you build on all your prior successes and reach millions with your message with the power of media, PR and online traffic strategies.


Know How to Leverage TV and mass media to make an impact. Do you dream of being on TV? I know I did, and I spent a lot of money getting there. Some was worth it, and some was a complete waste. I want to show you what worked, what didn’t and how to get on TV tomorrow if that’s what you really want. I’ll also tell you when the best time is – and how to leverage that.

  • You’ll Find Out What Shocked Me What I Was Trained for TV
  • The Illusion TV Training Programs Don’t Want You to Know
  • What NOT To Expect from TV
  • Specific Strategies on How to Leverage What You’re Doing Now to Get on TV
  • 3 Things You Must Know About a TV Station Before Trying to Get Booked on It
  • What to Do Before You Pick Up the Phone to Pitch Your Talk
  • Get Sample Layouts of TV Proposals that Got Me Booked on 20 Stations
  • How to Fit The Most Important Things You Want to Say Into the 2-3 Minutes You’ve Got on TV
  • Know Specifically What Action to Take to Leverage Your Appearances
  • Get the All Important TV Checklist That Takes You By the Hand, Step by Step

Get Outsourcing Insider Secrets to Getting the stuff you hate off your plate

With everything in place there is only one thing left – and that is traffic and attention. Now it’s time to put a plan in place to continue the momentum you have built, and leverage the structure and systems you have put in place.

  • Save Thousands of $$$ – Learn the Publicity Lesson that Cost Me $10k
  • How to be Savvy About PR and What You Can Do Yourself
  • Discover the NUMBER ONE KEY to Effective Traffic
  • Swipe My Sample Traffic Plan with 4 Weeks of Daily Strategy Laid Out For You
  • Know What Your Three Major Traffic Sources Are
  • Where to Find Unending Blog Inspiration Already Researched For Your Target Market
  • Get Instructions on Over 10 FREE Traffic Strategies You Can Implement Yourself
  • Establishing Your Website’s Legitmacy in Google’s Index
  • How to Test if a Blog Post You Wrote Will Do You Any Good
  • What You Need to Know Before You Even Think About Paying for Ads FaceBook & Google AdWords

Be seen everywhere and cash in on your mojo.

Time is money and if you want to grow this is how it’s done. But outsourcing has it’s pitfalls – I reveal them so that you don’t put your company in jeopardy. It’s information an outsourcing company will not tell you.

  • The #1 Thing to Get Off Your Plate
  • Learn the Critical Caveats When Outsourcing Will Help You Grow, and When It Will Shut You Down
  • What You Need to Know About Outsourcing Whether Hiring Local or Remote ( and you have to do it in order to grow)
  • Know What Triggers When You Should Start Looking For Help
  • Find Out the 1st Staff Position You Should Fill with Outsourcing and Why
  • The Social Media Dividing Line…What Someone Can Do For You, and What You Should Keep Doing Yourself
  • Insider Knowledge: Get Direct Website Links to Resources I Use
  • Who Delivers and Who Doesn’t and Tricks to Minimize Costs
  • The first thing you MUST Do First BEFORE you EVER Hire
  • What Massive Time Savers That Are Easy to Outsource

This series will give you the uber power you need to scale and grow your business.